Giampiero Peia

After finishing university at the Politecnico in Milan, Giampiero Peia worked as the assistant of Luca Meda, designing components and industrial products for office furniture.
After 7 years of  experience with Ignazio Gardella he started his own practice in Milan.

He has always held the role of Chief Architect in all the projects and also within multidisciplinary teams with primary functions under the directives and creative design processes at all levels and scales of intervention, from the master plan, the choices of composition and construction of buildings, details and general coordination with the specialists and engineers to the detailed design of the interior and articles specially designed as industrial products which are present in the catalogues of the respective companies.

From 2003 to 2006 he was partner of Piero Lissoni in the Lissoni Peia associati.
Guest lecturer at many Universities and an active initiator  for workshops and competitions in the curriculum of courses in the Universities.
Also engages in the industrial design production abroad. This opportunity has further contributed to an experience and an international profile with work benefits and awards from the clients and the press.

Giampiero Peia is  a designer for Cisal fittings, Martini Illuminazione, and furniture brands  such as Poliform, Colombo Stile and Marconi Furniture.

Since 2006 he is partner with Nasazzi Marta of Peia Associates Srl.