Monditalia. Weekend Specials. Sacred Weekend. October 11-12 h10-18, Corderie dell’Arsenale, Venice.
Matilde Cassani, Marco Sammicheli, Andrea Dall’Asta, Giuliano Zanchi.

On Sunday October 12th, at 2.00PM, Giampiero Peia presents the project of the Cultural Center IKEDA for peace: a modern auditorium and one of the most beautiful monuments in Milan restoration.
The largest Buddhist temple in Europe is a civic centre for the inter-religious dialogue for peace and the environment.

Sacred Weekend is a short festival, a conference and a weekend tour that takes place both in the headquarters of the Biennale, and in several parts of the city of Venice. The program, in two days, includes a number of experts, scholars, public officials and representatives of the religious community to discuss how sacred space is the outcome of the joint contribution of various artists, symbols and rituals. On the first day of the event, the sacred space is analyzed with regard to the relationship between the community and the city (needs symbolic of the sacred space and its cultural importance) and the relationship with the artists and architects involved (sacred space as a dialogue between creativity and needs of worship). On the second day you make a series of short city tours conducted by a special guide. During the course the participants will understand how cities like Venice are deposits of memories accumulated over time, and traces of cultural and religious spaces.