Transformation and regeneration – The amazing Santa Sofia was a Christian “basilica” in the Byzantine Roman Empire, then became the prototype of the best Islamic mosques, and now it’s a museum. Dome shape – The Istanbul Zero Cover by Giampiero Peia is based on the graphic representation  and dynamic transformation of the Istanbul skyline from the historical landmarks like the huge massive domes of the mosques that dominate the skyline, toward the contemporary high-rise buildings. The change by the (too) fast growing is in the diagrammatic morphing. Hexagon pixel – The graphic result is even based on the parametric used of hexagon tiles that  are like the ceramic tiles that you can see in several cafè and restaurants of the old Istanbul or like the ceramic tiles of the public “Turkish baths”. Hexagon is the shape of the beehive. The micro-macro zooming discover the matrix and the bees or the honey.