Castle of Rocca Brivio

  • Luogo San Giuliano Milanese, Milano
  • Progetto work in progress
  • Tipologia Historic site restoration and new parking
  • Superficie 2000 sqm
  • Location San Giuliano Milanese Milan, Italy
  • Project work in progress
  • Typology Historic site restoration and new parking
  • Area 2000 sqm

The complex building appears as a small village developed historically around a sixth century palace. The three different prior objectives of design intervention are:1. To identify the location for the office headquarters of TASM (to verify the feasibility of retaining the main body of attics)2. Developing the potential accommodation of the complex monument, also for summer events, through two levels of intervention to be carried out at different times (by 2006 construction of a parking lot and aimed at allowing the use of the walled garden equipped like an amphitheater for concerts and shows; in the future to create a conference room for about 300 people, as well as a hotel for 50-60 guests)3. Intervene on the existing buildings inside the property in order to block the relentless degradation and recover to new uses.