Doha Marina Club

  • Location Doha, Qatar
  • Progetto Invited Competition
  • Cliente Al Rayan Partners Doha
  • Tipologia Marina Yacthing
  • Superficie 40.000 sqm
  • Luogo Doha, Qatar
  • Project Invited Competition
  • Client Al Rayan Partners Doha
  • Typology Marina Yacthing
  • Area 40.000 sqm

The project of the new Doha Marina is conceived as an unique opportunity to meet sea and land, modernity and heritage values, local culture and international approach. It will represent a landmark for Doha but even a place to attract visitors, host VIP and Yacht Club members. Last but not the least to become an amazing architectural and landscape device to host sport events related to the sea and sailing. The architectural challenge is to match the local richness and meaning of the Arab architecture with its own geometric and organic texture and pattern like the perforated Musharabia, the lattice and tiling artworks, the simple geometry of the ancient palaces and the traditional water features with the conceptual image of the sail of the Dhaw, one of the symbol of Qatar tradition, here re-interpreted with a contemporary structure to cover the entire complex. A sloping garden with water features and fountains introduce the visitors from the main gate to the drop off area in front of the 4 floors high entrance lobby volume. The lobby is an unique open space with sculptural spiral staircase, water features and panoramic lifts. Toward the east, the lobby becomes as (only) double heighted volume towards the ball room and multipurpose hall, the business centre and the specialty “Jetty” restaurant and bars.