Multipurpose Hall

  • Luogo Doha Qatar
  • Cliente Cultural Village
  • Progetto Competition
  • Tipologia Multipurpose hall
  • Superficie 3 000 sqm
  • Location Doha Qatar
  • Client Cultural Village
  • Project Competition
  • Typology Multipurpose hall
  • Area 3 000 sqm

The project theme for the Cultural Village is inspired from the heritage architecture which is the true and easy explanation of the country’s cultural roots. The Cultural Village’s complex architecture is clear about this target through the amazing historical reconstruction and re-invention of the Qatary magnificence, based on the simplicity of the typical iconic shapes of the culture and the richness of decorations and aesthetic contents of the same Arabic and Islamic tradition in the region. In our opinion the best way to transmit the love for the proud roots of the country to the new generation is by developing an honest contemporary reinterpretation of the tradition itself. The Multipurpose hall competition is an important occasion to give a more deep meaning to the cultural message of an elegant modality, refusing the use of “styles” and the direct comparison between contemporary trends and the values of the memory as opposed to the usual consequent  fight between past image and future vision. At the same time a very strong contemporary approach might seem detached and in sharp contrast with the cultural heritage orientation. Therefore the only solution for the multipurpose hall which is a place to attend cultural conferences, parties, live music or performing art events must be like a story “staged” with a clear metaphorical meaning. The idea and concept of the project comes from the abstraction of the main icons that symbolize the milestones of the local culture and its own transmission to the world. The “flying carpets legend” is the symbol of new media. Hi tech video, leds, projections facilitate the flexible approach of the hall.