New Mediateca Orsoline

  • Luogo Fidenza, Italia
  • Cliente Hall town of Fidenza
  • Costruzione 2007
  • Tipologia Historic site restoration and new extension
  • Superficie 4000 sqm
  • Location Fidenza, Italy
  • Cliente Hall town of Fidenza
  • Construction 2007
  • Typology Historic site restoration and new extension
  • Area 4000 sqm

The Mediateca of Fidenza, an old town close to Parma, is a new cultural institution that hosts, in a 16th century palace, the town public library, a reception area and youth info centre, reading room and the famous local painter collection “Emanuelli gallery”, laboratories for digital media, offices, ancient books and prints archives.
The renovation of the inner court with a new bookshop and cafeteria complete the programme.
The court is seen as highly important for the connection with ”Palace of Culture and Arts” and also for the symbolic and urban value of Orsoline Palace with the nearby University Campus, re-establishing this place in relation to other public spaces expressing a higher level of social and cultural role, which the Mediateca represents in the town as civic value in the axis of the town centre.