The Oyster Pavilion

  • Luogo Doha, Qatar
  • Cliente UDC
  • Costruzione 2006
  • Tipologia Administration building, Office and business building
  • Superficie 3000 sqm
  • Location Doha, Qatar
  • Client UDC
  • Construction 2006
  • Typology Administration building, Office and business building
  • Area 3000 sqm

The realization of a new Landmark for Doha represents a real occasion for the comparison between cultures, bringing out common ground, exalting cultural autonomy and tradition of the country and positive tension towards the future of the contemporary world, between global and local necessities.
The institutional building needed a clever and symbolic formal definition.
A new modern sales centre had to be found on some categories of customers’ feeling:
Spectacular view of the entire project of the island by the exhibition of the big model, an amazing description by images, further models, 3D movies, touristic movies, friendly assistance to sale and velocity to the knowledge of the offer, flexibility of space, privacy and  transparency, last but not the least, the sensation of one of the best spot where it is possible to invest and buy houses, villas, retail shops, tourist complex and marinas.
The project follows these issues and their simple translation towards an architectural character, that makes these concepts recognizable even before performing the correct function of a showroom with its own facilities for the clients.
The pavilion, shaped like an Oyster, to proceed with the metaphorical relationship with the “Pearl” island. The building is permanent, but fiber-glass fabric was chosen for the ‘’shell’’ to adapt easily  to the difficult shape and to construct faster.
The pavilion is surrounded by water pond to introduce a straight relation with the sea.