Andy Warhol Show

  • Luogo Milano, Italia
  • Cliente Triennale Milano
  • Esposizione Settembre 2004 – Marzo 2005
  • Tipologia Esposizione
  • Location Milan, Italy
  • Client Triennale Milano
  • Exhibited September 2004 – March 2005
  • Typology Exhibition

In 2004, the famous Triennale Museum decided to host the biggest exhibition of Andy Warhol, till date.
The project for this exhibition space used intense re-interpretation of the creative peculiarity of the artist, but avoiding over imposing his work.
In fact the objective was “to drive” the re-reading across theme rooms, on wall graphics, Warholian wallpapers, projections, which are also directed on the ceiling to be enjoyed watching stretched out on a spacious big sofa inside the “lounge centre” of the main room. This room shows portraits and accommodates the fashion objects created by the artist and by who has been inspired by his works.