Villa in Lecco

  • Luogo Lecco, Italia
  • Costruzione 2006
  • Tipologia Abitazione Privata
  • Superficie 740 sqm
  • Fotografo © A. Ferrero
  • Location Lecco, Italy
  • Construction 2006
  • Typology Private House
  • Area 740 sqm
  • Photographer © A. Ferrero

The three floor building is placed into an extraordinary panorama, which offered a lot of potential; placed at a high altitude of the slope of a mountain, in an area rich in vegetation, it stretches towards the horizon, where the mountains meet the water of the lake.
The project develops around the relation with the surroundings; following a layout of spaces and the design of new wide openings, it generates a new delicate relationship between the domestic interior and the outside panorama.
The large openings on the façade have a free composition, like Giò Ponti, the Italian modernist master taught.
The outside becomes a fundamental element to continuously relate to.
The double height space of the living room and the indoor lap pool of the private SPA in the level below are the core of the structure.
Big sliding glass panels  provide real continuous flow between inside and outside.