Coca Cola Pavilion Second Life – Milan

  • Place Milano, Italia
  • Progetto Concept 2014 - Definitivo ed Esecutivo 2016
  • Costruzione Maggio - Agosto 2016
  • Location Milan, Italy
  • Project Concept 2014 - Developed and Technical design 2016
  • Construction May - August 2016

The Coca-Cola Pavilion has been designed by PEIA from the beginning to have a Second Life, to be re-used as a basketball court at the end of the EXPO 2015. So the municipality of Milan signed the deal with Coca Cola.Once Expo closed, the wooden portals and the roof were dismantled and transported to a public Park of Milan to cover one basketball playground. The structure of the building built for Expo, won the award “Towards a Sustainable Expo” for its passive temperature control capabilities by waterfalls along the glass louvers facades. Now the pavilion structure allows to shade the space assuring natural ventilation in the summer and the usability even in case of rain or snow. A Led Lighting System inside synchronise the existing public lighting, which will let the visitors enjoy the newest generation of open basketball courts in all seasons and at all times, increasing the sense of overall security of the park.