Coca-Cola Pavilion Expo 2015

  • Luogo Milano, Italia
  • Progetto 2014
  • Costruzione Novembre 2014 - Aprile 2015
  • Tipologia Padiglione
  • Area 959 sqm
  • Location Milan, Italy
  • Project 2014
  • Construction November 2014 - April 2015
  • Typology Pavilion
  • Area 959 sqm

On the morning of the 17th November 2014, in the “Piccolo Teatro Grasso”(Milan) the Pavilion with whom Coca-Cola will be in Expo 2015, was presented. For this occasion there were Giuseppe Sala, Managing Director for Expo 2015 and Kim Alexander, General Manager Coca-Cola for Expo 2015.

The Coca-Cola Pavilion will be placed close to the Lake Arena and it is designed by Giampiero Peia and the architectural studio Peia Associati with the collaboration of Brand Experience agency psLIVE. The Pavilion, a box of 35 x 20 and 12 meters high, has a total area of ​​1000 square meters divided on two floors and  a double height square. The building is  composed by modular elements and is made with sustainable, recyclable and
reusable materials. On the exterior walls, made out of wood and glass, the famous Coca-Cola logo and the silhouettes contour, the historic glass bottle of Coca-Cola, are placed. Giant video images and hanging waterfalls stand above the entry and the exit of the building in order to create a play of light and transparency, creating a highly expressive external image.

A recyclable and eco-friendly Pavilion, with an eye to the “after – Expo”.
The project of the Pavilion respects the strictest parameters of sustainability with the use of innovative technical and technological solutions.  The shape and the cladding are defined in order to have a eco-friendly building which has a passive cooling system. It creates a natural ventilation ensuring both significant energy savings and a refreshing environment for the visitors.

Moreover the Pavilion has a green roof with a very low water consumption providing excellent thermal insulation for the interior and the use of equipment , sensors, and LED lighting allow further energy savings.
The issue of sustainability is inherent in the general concept of the project, which will have a second life, indeed at the end of the Event, the  Coca- Cola Pavilion will be dismantled and rebuilt to become a covered space where physical activity and sport take place for the benefit of the local community.