• Luogo Bari, Italia
  • Progetto 2000
  • Tipologia Factory
  • Superficie 22 500 sqm
  • Location Bari, Italy
  • Project 2000
  • Typology Factory
  • Area 22 500 sqm

Getrag is a holding that operates in the automobile industry to produce all the German car brands’ gear boxes and other car components.
The theme of the gear, icon of the “car”, influenced the character of the architecture and its stylized symbol is repeated in the company logo, that is imbedded as the negative of a large fireproof oblique wall that looks like a ship prow.
The new Italian branch is a complex industry, constituted of many areas, buildings, functions: the large undivided volume of the factory (150 for 150 m), the social services and the installations, the multi-purpose building with the workshop, the training centre, the canteen, the office building and the centre of research and development, the guard’s lodge and other buildings for the installations.
In the axis with to the entrance there is a garden, with local essences and palms, that connects all of the buildings and functions that regulate the activity and organization of the company.
The courtyard between the building hosts a “Mediterranean garden”, crossed by a giant “eye” shape bridge and canopy. The architecture and the materials want to create a synthesis between the south Italy culture and the high technology world.