Design Hotel – Freetown

  • Luogo Freetown, Sierra Leone
  • Progetto Concept
  • Tipologia Hotel
  • Superficie 20 500 sqm
  • Location Freetown, Sierra Leone
  • Project Concept
  • Typology Hotel
  • Area 20 500 sqm

The Hotel could be the new Freetown landmark. We should be proud to say that a LAAICO property landmark building could be a symbolic meaning to learn. Sierra Leone is a country that needs to change its reputation of the recent past. The movie “Blood Diamonds” by Edward Zwick released in 2006(casting Leonardo Di Caprio, Djimon Gaston Hounsou and Jennifer Connelly) is an example to understand how the country is actually known by foreign and western people. The collective thinking goes easily to the memory of the terrible civil war of the early 90’s instead of understanding the potential growth of this beautiful country. The people need to cross over this memory to focus on the country’s development.A Design hotel like this has the capacity to be a mosaic tile to design the African renaissance, to encourage a possible new deal, re-enforcing the best characteristics and values of the country, like the local cultures and the mineral resources,  towards a new vision of the future.New luxury generation and new life style, through an innovative Hotel, could balance the negative common places and transforming them in positive conditions for the entire local economy.That’s the reason to use the symbol of Diamond and Water.