Floor Lamp “Ego”

  • Progetto 2010
  • Cliente Martini Lighting, Italy
  • Tipologia Light design
  • Project 2010
  • Client Martini Lighting, Italy
  • Typology Light design

A new product to respond to a need felt in design: that of emotional outdoor lighting.
A product born out of rigorous design and great personality. It is a cylindrical aluminum apparatus  of 220 mm diameter and two versions of height – 1800 mm in the upright standing version and 600 mm in the bollard version. The lamp can also be suspended or ceiling mounted.
U laser cutting machine with computer control checks allow to obtain a variety of geometrical shapes starting from the simple basic circle. At the bottom part there is an installation of an EYE LED module with 15 LEDs -powered by 350 mA beam at 8 ° gradient. Degree of protection IP65 complete with electronic power supply was inserted within the waterproofed case. At the top a circular closure allows the reflection of light downwards.