XXII TRIENNALE DI MILANO “A Piece of Sky” Sri Lankan Pavilion

  • Luogo Milano, Italy
  • Progetto 2019
  • Durata 01 Mar 2019 - 01 Set 2019
  • Cliente Sri Lanka
  • Esposizione XXII Esposizione Internazionale della Triennale di Milano, Broken Nature: Design Takes on Human Survival
  • Location Milan, Italy
  • Project 2019
  • Duration Mar 01 2019 - Sept 01 2019
  • Client Sri Lanka
  • Exhibition XXII International exhibition La Triennale di Milano, Broken Nature: Design Takes on Human Survival

The Sri Lankan Pavilion, jointly owned by Promo Lanka Pvt Ltd and Designed by PEIA Associati presents its own interpretation of the exhibition theme inspired by the UN Habitat program discussion and settlement of the marginalized.

A “Piece of Sky” offers a minimalist environment conducive to start productive activities and settlementsprotected from meteorological variables.The sky will be the protagonist in our global conversation on how to ensure human survival through conscious thought, design and execution. The simplicity and affordability of this solution, makes it versatile enabling it to be accessible to both government programs and private individuals. Individuals who are facing issues of minimum access to technology and security, can now devote themselves to improving their living conditions both socially and economically with this technology. A careful management of scarce resources can repair social and environmental misappropriations accumulated in the last century. The pavilion explores how this project is not only a technical proposal for rural areas, but also how it can relate cross contextually. Actions instigating urban regeneration takes on added value with cultural and creative initiatives executed throughout the the country.

Due to the extended exhibition period, it is integral that the Sri Lankan Pavilion maintains its dynamism. In order to achieve this, the pavilion curation will continuously evolve through out the six months. The fundamental issues related to the use of natural resources and sustainability will be linked to each monthly theme, due to Robonica’s hydroponic system, where in the Pavilion real plants will be harvested from the culture present in the installation.To engage and interpret the selected Pavilion theme, the co-curators Anjuli Flamer-Caldera and Natasha Thompson, asked the contributors/participants to address the question “What do you do or want to do with your piece of sky?”