• Luogo Malabo, Guinea Equatoriale
  • Progetto 2010
  • Tipologia Auditorium
  • Superficie 12 000 sqm
  • Location Malabo, Guinea Equatorial
  • Project 2010
  • Typology Auditorium
  • Area 12 000 sqm

The main idea of the project is to create a symbol of African Unity, a place where all the African presidents will meet to discuss the growth of a prosperous, peaceful and united Africa. 
The idea is to build a recognizable landmark, a public place that could accommodate international summits, but also cultural events, and a “palace” that can flexibly accommodate the most important events for Africa, for the country, and also for the city. The reference model is therefore the historical classical architecture along with the monuments of Western Enlightenment, but also the strength of African traditions and nature. 
A great colonnade of Corten steel metal tubes of different sizes, like a forest of palm trees, surrounding the great hall of the Assembly metaphorically filtering the sun and creating a setting in harmony with the natural environment. The palm tree, symbol of Africa is recalled symbolically as a set of logs, to symbolize the strength of unity of all states. Each side of the square about 100 meters from the side it is home to fifty columns.