Tower at Suk Al Thalath Al Gadeem

  • Luogo Tripoli, Libia
  • Progetto 2008
  • Tipologia Competition Second Prize
  • Superficie 277 000 sqm
  • Location Tripoli, Libya
  • Project 2008
  • Typology Competition Second Prize
  • Area 277 000 sqm

“The Green Valley Oasis”: The space between the two towers is a roof garden plaza with a morphology of a valley, where the terraces create the isometric curves of level and where all the open air facilities will be located.
The central green space, will be planted with high-stemmed palm trees reaching up the first two or three floors of both towers. They will provide additional protection from the sun while being highly symbolic.
The entire building is a recognizable diagram of the three main functions and relative quantities: residential tower, office tower and trade and services podium.
The entire block volume is filled by a base of public space and functions. From the base the two towers rise to host offices in the smaller tower and apartments and hotel suites in the tall tower that has 69 floors with a maximum height of 316m.