Stadium of the Sea

  • Luogo Malaka, Malesia
  • Progetto 2009
  • Tipologia Leisure
  • Superficie 11 200 sqm
  • Luogo Malaka, Malaysia
  • Project 2009
  • Typology Leisure
  • Area 11 200 sqm

The Idea is to conceive in the sea of Melaka Straight, close to Pulau Hupe Island, at 120 kilometres from Kuala Lumpur, 210 from Singapore, at 1 marine mile (2 kilometres) from Mekala, a centre for a sport fishing, a hot spot for fishing fans where singles, couples, families or tourist groups can enjoy a tropical fishing experience in the easier and exciting way close to a touristic resort. The modern organic shape and further attractive facilities are  essential part of the marketing strategy.
The stadium of the Sea is conceived as a fishing ring landmark to be visible like a natural atoll. A centre is capable of accommodating 300 visitors per day, offering fun by fishing.
The fishes are inside an invisible cage of net. The bottom of the fishing area is partially visible also by the transparent glass floor of several circles on the teak deck.
The concept is based on the sequence of several rings and circles with extremely different circles and circumferences.