Qatar National Bank

  • Luogo Doha, Qatar
  • Cliente Qatar National Bank
  • Progetto 2006
  • Tipologia High Rise Building Competition Selected project
  • Superficie 84 000 sqm
  • Location Doha, Qatar
  • Client Qatar National Bank
  • Project 2006
  • Typology High Rise Building Competition Selected project
  • Area 84 000 sqm

A “giant modern minaret” or an elegant “panoramic offshore oil platform” could represent interesting ideas to fight the habitual “international style” by mirroring curtain walls mixed with superficial local decorations that hosts the corporate headquarters in the middle east.
To break the usual typology of office towers, this proposal of 40 office floors with an average of 1000 sqm per floor is characterized by extension of random cantilevered slabs.
The iconic meaning is related to the world of banks and the fluctuating graphs of stock exchange.
A huge transparent double height space hosts all the public functions of the bank including the front office halls, a multipurpose conference hall, a small mosque and internal gardens.
In contrast with the square shaped towers the organic podium is surrounded by reflective water pond.
The connecting bridges in front of the few entrances empathizes the feeling of being secured despite the complete surround transparency of the façade.