The new Velodrome Maspes Vigorelli

  • Luogo Milano, Italia
  • Tipologia Stadio
  • Partner arch. Arturo Montanelli, arch. Patrizia Pozzi
  • Location Milan, Italy
  • Typology Stadium
  • Partners arch. Arturo Montanelli, arch. Patrizia Pozzi


• Full preservation of original structures without demolition, with the exception of the renovation of rooms under the bleachers and removal of the existing coverage of the stands, that will be covered by the new shell.
The upper part, the new shell that will be the new roof and side closure, will will integrate harmoniously with the existing building, while being expressively contemporary. Is a lightweight structure, coated with lightweight, eco-friendly, and fast installation materials that will not burden existing structures.

• Realisation of an indoor Official Olympic Track of 250 meters with new stands on the south western area of the existing stadium (towards City Life District). For the new stanks will take advantage of the existing bleachers structures, maximising the use of natural light