Jeep Chrysler Motorshow

  • Luogo Bologna, Italia
  • Cliente Chrysler
  • Costruzione 2007
  • Tipologia Exhibition
  • Superficie 1200 sqm
  • Location Bologna, Italy
  • Client Chrysler
  • Construction 2007
  • Typology Exhibition
  • Area 1200 sqm

In the second edition the subject is the agonism of the race; it  finds its expression in the layout of the vehicles, which mirrors the starting grid of a car race.
Sensorial and perspective aspects of the visitor are boosted by the extreme characteristics of the project, which adapts elegance to stand apart from the general banality of expo projects and from the mediatic speculation of the expo event.
The connection to the work of contemporary minimalistic architects and artists (of which the ”boxes” of Donald Judd are the archetype), that are nowadays known by the public, is still present.
But here we are introducing a gigantic ethereal and organic element: a cloud of light is the ceiling of the stand.
The memory of the visitor will, consciously or unconsciously, be impressed by this gigantic element, which floats, almost weightless, above the stand; and thus the space becomes the event itself.