The Italian Design Day(Week) 2022 in Qatar

  • Luogo Doha
  • Progetto 2022
  • Durata 23-30 Marzo
  • Location Doha
  • Project 2022
  • Duration 23-30 March

From 23 to 30 March, the Italian Design Day in Qatar expanded into a Design Week in the model city of Msheireb, in the heart of the capital Doha, which this year will also host the 2022 FIFA World Cup. An exhibition with 50 exemplary objects that have made the history of design and Italian companies and that are confronted with the new generation of IoT objects already in the Cloud and also made by young startups.

In the exhibition, in addition to the objects, two large screens show films on design and architecture, among which two exemplary projects stand out in representing the relationship between architecture and design and between Qatar and Italy through design in an international context: the interiors of the International Airport and Doha designed by Antonio Citterio and Patricia Viel and the United Nations Multilateralism Room in Geneva, donated by the State of Qatar, and designed by Giampiero Peia and Marta Nasazzi.

The Italian Design Day continues in a Design Week with the opportunity to broaden the debate on the cultural, social, educational and economic significance of design, its ability to be a bridge between countries and disciplines and to be climbed from the “Spoon to the City ”, A SMART city like the one hosting the exhibition.

The complementarity between city architecture and object design becomes the field of solutions that can be immediately implemented to reverse the path of self-extinction that we already see with the devastating effects on the planet, on our economies and society. The curator of the exhibition, architect Giampiero Peia, also wanted schools and universities to participate in the exhibition to raise awareness of Italian design and discuss the impact that design and architecture have on our choices and in our lives. And encourage the enthusiasm of the new generations towards multidisciplinary creativity that allows them to optimize sustainable technologies and natural resources, research and development with education and culture.

A culture that combines utility and beauty for a new renaissance of humanity.