Spot Light “Perla”

  • Progetto 2009
  • Cliente Martini Lighting, Italy
  • Tipologia Light Design
  • Project 2009
  • Client Martini Lighting, Italy
  • Typology Light design

Low-luminance recessed fixture, available with square and round frame options or as a concealed feature.
Version with frame:
“Perla” is a recessed fixture with minimal design, and can be used for indoor architectural projects where light plays a fundamental role in the definition of spaces and where the use of a lighting product is the best way of enhancing this definition.
Concealed version:
This product offers extreme minimalism and versatility, as it does not have an outer frame.The structural element and the low-luminance reflector are made using aluminum. The frontal ring for halogen and metal halide lamps is made using PPS plastic, which is able to withstand high temperatures.
This frameless spot goal is to show just the light and nothing else.
New LED versions are already available.